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Grill Review: Coyote 36″ S-Series Gas Grill

Purchase The Coyote 36″ S-Series Gas Grill Premium Stainless Steel Construction With #304 Stainless Steel Burners, Grates And Component Parts Three High Performance Coyote iBurners™, Plus One Infrared Rear Burner, Plus One Coyote RapidSear™ Sear Burner. 875 Sq. In. Cooking Area Interior Lights Double Walled Stainless Steel Hood Includes Stainless Warming Rack, Stainless Grates And [...]

Grill Review: Summerset TRL 32″ Gas Grill

Summerset TRL 32″ Gas Grill Review Author: Summerset Grills & http://bbqonlineshowroom.com 3 commercial-grade stainless steel U tube burners – 18,000 BTUs each 788 sq. in. of total cooking surface #304 stainless steel construction with polished finish 8mm thick solid stainless steel grates Reliable contact flame ignition Backup flash tube lighting Infrared (IR) back burner with [...]

Our Final Pizza for Pizza Month: The Margarita Pizza

Margarita Pizza Sadly Pizza Month is coming to an end. So we’ve decided to end it with a wonderful recipe from none other than the Food Network. The Margarita Pizza is a great pizza, but the pellet grill smoked pizza is my absolute favorite. Great for the occasional snack or dinner.  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ciao-america-with-mario-batali/grilled-pizza-margarita-recipe/index.html Courtesy of: Johanne [...]