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The BBQ Online Showroom is the premier source for quality, top performance grill brands online. We offer state of the art grills at the lowest prices the manufacturer allows online. The BBQ Online Showroom is the next generation national barbecue grill retailer to the United States. We offer top brands such as Lynx, Alfresco, Summerset, Alturi, Twin Eagles, Delta Heat, Coyote, Luxor, Lynx Sedona Series, DCS and so much more. Our Barbecue Grills outlast our competitors and are available whether you need them as Freestanding Cart Models or just the Grill Head for built-in barbecue island applications. Our Barbecue Grills have optional upgrades such as: Rotisserie’s, Sear Zones, Deep Fryers, Smoke Boxes and More.

Available Brands of Barbecue Grills at the BBQ Online Showroom


Barbecue Grills That Are Built to Last and Easy to Maintain

The BBQ Online Showroom is all about quality barbecue grills that are easy to maintain, with a vast selection of easy to use, easy to maintain, affordable luxury grills. Our grills are professional grade barbecues that are frequently found in most commercial kitchens. Here are just a few of the luxury barbecue grills you can purchase online at the BBQ Online Showroom:


Alfresco Outdoor Barbecue Grills

Alfresco Barbecue Grills is a favorite among commercial kitchens and restaurants. Alfresco brings innovative features and performance to outdoor grilling. This American manufacture is a leader in the grilling industry and offers complete outdoor kitchen systems built around performance products. There aren’t to many companies in the states that can say they are built in America anymore, but this company does and it’s not hard to see the difference. Below we have included the range of Alfresco Outdoor Barbecue Grills.



DCS Professional Outdoor Barbecue Grills

DCS by Fisher & Paykel is an excellent choice when it comes to top performance luxury grills. This amazing barbecue grill line has some really nice features and is one of the sleeker looking grills. Freestanding and Built-In models are available depending on what your looking for. You can purchase either model directly from our site We also carry all the DCS  Stainless Steel Doors and Drawers,  Sideburners, Refrigerators, Carts and more. DCS Barbecue Grills come in 30″, 36″, 48″ w/ sideburner Built-In and a 48″ All Grill model. Down below is a gallery of the DCS Outdoor Barbecue Grill line.


Summerset Outdoor Barbecue Grills

Summerset Outdoor Living has been an extremely popular choice of grills and has been one of the best selling grill lines in Nevada. Offering great performance, #304 Stainless steel constructed design, reasonably priced, and long lasting. Summerset also provides numerous choices in size and functionality. From the basic Sizzler Series to the TRL Series,  Summerset is guaranteed to have a grill within your price range that’s ready to give top performance. Summerset also manufactures a massive accessory line of Stainless Steel Doors, Drawers, Sideburners, Refrigerators, Beverage Centers, Carts and more to match their grill line. Check out the Summerset Sizzler and TRL series outdoor barbecue grills below.


 Lynx Professional Outdoor Barbecue Grills

Lynx is one of the best barbecue grill manufacturers on the planet and is known for it’s peak performance and quality. With a range of styles and sizes lynx puts the “Luxury” in “Luxury Barbecue Grills”. All you simply have to do is look at this grill to know it’s one of the best. Once you interact with this amazing grill you will understand that it’s an all around great design. Some  features of  Lynx barbecue grills are  it’s Hood Assist, rollers on the drip tray for smooth insertion and removal, halogen lights, smoker box, blue LED lights, Dual-position internally powered Rotisserie with heavy 3-speed motor, fluid rotation handle and so much more. And trust me when I say that it’s not just the features, it’s the way this grill has been built. Check out a few of the Lynx Professional Outdoor Grills below.


 Coyote Outdoor Barbecue Grills

Coyote Outdoor Living produces a very sleek line of Barbecue Grills that are very straight forward and innovative when it comes to their parts. You have a choice between to types C-Series and S-Series. C-Series comes in a 28″ and 34″ grill size while the S-Series has 36″ and 42″ size grill. Their innovations consist Performance Enhancing Heat Control Grids and the iburner System producing 20,000 BTU’s per Burner. Coyote tends to be in direct competition with Summerset’s Grill line. One of the qualities of Coyote’s Outdoor Grills is it’s aesthetic design and it’s beautiful curves and overall appeal. Coyote Outdoor Living also manufacturers a complete line of matching accessories such as Doors, Drawers, Sideburners, Sinks and more. Check out Coyote’s Barbecue Grills below.

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We also sell Delta Heat, Twin Eagles, GMG, Memphis, Traeger, Luxor, Alturi, Lynx Sedona, Alfresco Artisan, and many more luxury Barbecue Grill brands.

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